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October 10, 2009

Stupid By-Laws Prevent Xbox Game Selling

Yes, I'm sick again.  I don't know if last Friday was just the beginning (I've felt tired all week, but I haven't felt bad otherwise) or if this is new, but my head feels about 10 times bigger than it normally is, and it's not because you all have stroked my ego!!

What does this have to do with the title of my post?  Just this.  Yesterday, I decided to meet my wife at the mall when she was coming back from an appointment.  I was going to stop at EBGames and trade in some games I have to get ready for Modern Warfare 2 to come out.  I was set to get maybe $45-60 for them.  Now, I'm not feeling well, but I wanted to do this before the trade-in value went down anymore, so I figured "hey, bundle up and just take it slow and easy, no problem."

But that's when the city of Vancouver bit me in the ass.
I go into the store, figuring to get my business done before the wife shows up, and stand in line.  They help a few people in front of me, and then say "can I help you" to me.  I pull the games out of my bag and say "I'd like to trade these in."  And the guy says to me "I'm sorry, but due to a bylaw, we can't accept trade-ins after 6pm."  I was feeling too miserable to get mad, and besides, it's not this poor guy's fault.  I've worked retail, I know retail workers get a lot of abuse regarding things they have no control over. I do wish they'd post something in the store so people could see it and take note of it, though.

So here I am, out at the mall, waiting for the wife (as I said, I was early because I thought this would take a little time) and feeling frustrated and sick.  What kind of stupid by-law is this that won't let them trade in games after 6pm?  Is it for our own "protection"?  Has "Nanny-State Vancouver" struck again?  This is ridiculous.

If any of you happen to know why this is, I would love an explanation.  I probably still wouldn't agree with it, and probably still think it's stupid, but at least I would understand it.

Help a poor, sick man out here.


  1. I can't speak to Vancouver law or anything about video games (we have a Wii - I barely know anything about it...). BUT. Get better, okay? Don't forget to rest a lot, drink extra fluids, change your hand towels and pillowcases, and consider getting a new toothbrush (meanwhile, keep your toothbrush away from your wife's - keep her from catching it!).


  2. Will do, Nurse Sara!!! :)

    Thanks for your concern.

  3. Yes... he gets plenty of nagging as it is. Will be even more if he gives me his cold.

    - the wife ;)

  4. See what I have to put up with? :P


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