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October 28, 2009

More Monty Python favourites

Not a lot of time to blog today, and I hate to go two days without a post, so here's some Monty Python for your enjoyment.  A couple of my favourite moments.

First is the Australian "Bruce" sketch, with the faculty of the Philosophy Department of the University of Wallamalloo (if that place even exists, I'm sure I'm misspelling it, so my apologies).  I love this sketch.

And, as an addendum, the Philosophy song they sing, which apparently wasn't in the original sketch but was performed live. This video, you can even follow along! Since I know it can be hard to understand the words sometimes.

The second one is one of the funniest bits I've ever seen. The Spanish Inquisition, and this video looks like it contains all parts! They were spread throughout the episode. I can never stop laughing, watching this.

We're off to the movies tonight, so see you tomorrow!


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