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November 10, 2009

The Onion: Poll says 100% of Grandsons are Talented

Since I've gone the sentimental grandparents route, how about a little grandparent humour?

According to a poll highlighted by that esteemed online news site (sic) called "The Onion," 100% of grandsons are "talented."

"A Zogby poll of 1,542 American grandparents published Monday found that grandsons were described as "very" to "extremely" talented by 1,542 of the respondents."
Being a grandson, of course, I already knew that.  But it's nice to have it confirmed.

But what about granddaughters?  Do they not get any love?

Go read the story and you'll get your laugh for the day (though hopefully you have more than one).  Especially the last line.

Update #1:  I forgot to hat tip!  Thanks to Jonah Goldberg on the Corner for pointing out this story.


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