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November 14, 2009

We have Murph in Edmonton - Hello

You know, some people are just assholes.  There's no other way to put it.  We deal with them in real life, and we have to deal with them on the Net as well.

It seems that somebody doesn't think much of my football picks.  On my Week 10 NFL picks this week, "Murph in Edmonton" left the following comment:

"One look at your blog and I shall not return. Here is why? As a fellow Canadian who does a talk show on the NFL, you should be ashamed to write such trash! The BEARS off a short week, less a travel day, and banged up with injuries should have been a major clue for you. Seems you don't have one. I stopped reading after that so called "pick", I didn't need to read the rest, I know you know nothing. Good luck with the rest of your so called football picks...stick to your nose!"

The signs of a troubled, exceedingly angry man?  Let's see.

"Murph" says that he is a "fellow Canadian who does a talk show on the NFL."  I did a little Google search and discovered that there is a "Murph" (aka Tim Murphy) on 1260 Sports Talk Radio in Edmonton who does do NFL analysis and Fantasy picks.  Evidently, he does a Fantasy Football show right before kick-off on Sundays.  I'm guessing this is him (or somebody impersonating him, anyway).

He apparently found the page by doing a Google search of his own, using the terms "NFL Football Picks Week 10."  I guess he scours the web for other people's picks and then, apparently, if he doesn't like them he leaves them a nasty comment telling them they know nothing.  Yeah, you're a big man, Murph.  Aren't you proud of yourself?

What's even funnier is the whole thing about the Bears.  Oh, sorry, the BEARS.  Yeah, I was wrong about Cutler, but I was right about their defense, which almost pulled the game out for them.  They missed covering the spread by half of a point, and if Cutler hadn't tossed two red zone interceptions, they would have probably won.

But that's neither here nor there.  You know what's really sad and pathetic about this man?  His total lack of reading comprehension.  Obviously, he's looking for football picks posts for his radio show, maybe seeing what other people think and what other information they may have.  He's looking for serious Fantasy Football picks, in other words.

Hey, Murph!  Did you not read the opening?  Any post that opens like this:

"The NFL Network starts its Thursday night games this week, and so we now have to get these picks in early for the rest of the year.  At least that means I get to find out earlier in the week that I really suck at this.  And you get to point your fingers and laugh at me earlier than you have in the past.  So it's a win-win!!"

is NOT A SERIOUS FANTASY FOOTBALL POST!  I suppose that's why you're in Sports Radio, though.  It doesn't require much critical thinking.

I think it truly says something about you that you would leave a comment like this on some poor schmuck's blog anyway.  Don't you have anything better to do?  Paddle your dog?  Strangle your cat?  Something?  Anything?  I guess when I say your a radio "professional," there's a reason I put that in quotes.

I was actually considering not posting any more picks after this week, but not now.  I've hit the big time!  I'm being criticized by "professionals."  I'm going to have to keep this up until the end of the year.  Maybe I can get John Clayton to leave a comment insulting me too!  Oh, wait, that won't happen.  He's got too much class for that.


  1. his radio program must be a barrel of laughs.

  2. Boy I'd like to wring that guy's neck. I was so glad you gave it right back to him in spades. He deserves every thing you said. To bad he won't read what you said. He might get curious to see if you would answer him & check to see. Hope he does.

  3. edmonton? now *that's* funny!
    - the wife

  4. Thank you for saying John Clayton has too much class to insult you. As his wife, I too, would not insult you. At least you are brave enough to post your picks. My picks are only sent into one site a week and they are not published anywhere. It's safer than being slammed by a "professional"....LOL

  5. Thanks for all the support, ladies. :) I just had to get it off my chest.

  6. So, you wrote a blog just to complain about someone complaining about your blog? Seriously?

  7. Guess I should elaborate, in case you come back.

    It wasn't that he complained about the blog. It was the manner that he did, mainly the "condescending asshole" manner.

    And it probably just hit me right at the time.

    Should I have done it? Maybe, maybe not. But it's kind of become a running joke on the blog now, so I'm fine with it. If you're not, that's certainly your right.


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