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December 29, 2009

Blog Template Change - Mark 2

I loved the design of the old "Theater Room" Blogger template I switched to in early December, but there were a couple of niggling annoyances with it that I finally got tired of.

The first thing is that, when I was home, a number of the elements were cut off when I was using both of my parents' computers.  It actually looked pretty ugly.

Secondly, the "Read More" link bled off of the column where the actual posts were.  That irritated me as well, because again, it just looked ugly.

Finally, it didn't show the date each entry was posted!  I really couldn't believe that.  Despite having all the settings done correctly, it refused to show it.

In my December 6 post announcing the template change (wow, imagine that!  I can see what date it was posted!), I mentioned that one of the benefits of the Theater Room template was that the site I downloaded it from offered technical support.  These three problems were obvious right off the bat, but I figured "Hey, they've got tech support.  They'll help me."

In the comments of the template's page, there were plenty of people getting help.  One person mentioned the date problem but later said she figured out, but she never said what the solution was.  So I posted my problems.  No answer, almost a month later.  Some support.

So this is the Night Gate template, and it was my second choice to the Theater Room template.  I actually really like it.  The gadget sidebars are a bit crowded, but not too bad.  I was testing a black template that also looked really cool, but I didn't like the light text on a dark background.  My parents read this blog, among other people, and I thought that might be hard to read.

I like the "Contact" and the "About this blog" links up above, as well as the link to the Blogger home page (which means I didn't need to add the Blogger button in the sidebar).  In the "About This Blog" link, I just linked to my very first post where I explained what I want this blog to be.  Of course, the "contact" link should be obvious (and don't be afraid to email me!)

So let me know what you think!  I promise this will be the last change for a while.


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