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December 30, 2009

Comment Weirdness

This is just a notice that a couple of people have tried to leave comments on this blog in the last few days and those comments didn't show up.  Others have left comments with no problems, so it's not a Blogger-wide problem.

Since I'm not moderating comments at this time, if you leave a comment it should show up immediately.  If it doesn't, then for some reason it didn't work.  Please try to leave it again.  If you're leaving a long comment, you may want to "copy" it first, so that it's in your clipboard.  Then, if the comment doesn't show up, you can leave it again and you don't have to type it all out.

I've posted this issue on Blogger's help forum, so hopefully something will be done about it soon.  In the meantime, please try to leave it again if you can.  I love hearing from you!

It's little niggling issues like these that start pushing people toward Wordpress.  *grumble*


  1. See? I knew something wasn't right. And I know for a fact I left a comment on your post about Windows 7. It showed that I was posting. I love 'bugs', don't you?

  2. Oh, definitely love bugs. Almost as much as I loved the old "blue screen of death", except that nothing can truly match that.

    But this one posted! :) Thanks for leaving the comment.

  3. I have had comment problems on my blog from time to time also. Just try again. When you go to moderate comments just delete duplicates.

  4. Blue screen of death...ahh, sweet memories...

    LOL..hadn't heard mention of that in a while!

    I have no idea what causes the probs w/ posting comments, but it does seem to be a common occurrence. Btw, I've had the same issues w/ posting comments on Word Press blogs, so switching over to it just to avoid future issues on that particular thing might be a lot of needless work! I wrestled w/ a friend's WP blog two days ago, never did get it to accept my comment. I ended up emailing him the comment instead!

    Now, let's see if I am successful w/ posting here today...

    ~ Dawn

  5. I didn't realize the WP blogs had the same problem with comments. That issue alone wouldn't make me switch, and I probably never will. If I do, it will be a long time in the future. I'm getting tired of changing things, and my readers (Hi, George!) probably are too. :)

  6. Maybe it's a browser or operating system issue? I haven't had any problems & I'm using Google Chrome for Mac. Oh how I hated that blue screen of death...long live the Mac!!!!

  7. I don't think so, though I suppose anything's possible.

    Though I've just talked to my Mom and she said that it kept giving her an error, not that she had posted and it didn't appear.

    Melissa, you said yours actually went through, right? You thought you had left it and it just didn't show up? That's different than Mom's problem.

    Makes me want to scream sometimes. LOL


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