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December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve celebrations - past and present

So it's the end of 2009.  Some say the end of the decade, and most people act like it is, what with all of the "best/worst of the decade" stories flying around like so much New Year's confetti.  Others (those who properly say that the decade didn't start until 2001) say the end of the decade is *next* year, but I see the point of the early celebrators.  The year 2000 was the first year with a "2" at the beginning, so it automatically begins the new century.  Whatever floats your boat, I always say.

My celebration of New Year's Eve has changed a lot over the years.  I'm not the most social person, and putting me in a social gathering is an exercise in wallflower-like futility.  But when I was younger, I had friends who liked to go out and celebrate, so I tagged along.  I have to admit it was fun, but it was more because of my friends then because I was out.  We would always go back to Erin's place and ring in the new year there, though.  We never stayed out too late.  But we were all together, and that was what mattered.

When I moved to Chicago, that all changed and I didn't do a whole lot.  One New Year's I was supposed to spend it with a good friend.  I had the brandy and other drinks ready and we were just going to spend a quiet evening together.  I was looking forward to it.  But a party put on by one of her friends beckoned instead, and I ended up drinking a hefty portion of that brandy (and none of the champagne) alone, spending it with my online friends on IRC.  They were wonderful people to ring in the new year with, but it was kind of pathetic to be drinking alone (not in spirit, but in reality).  And I got sick that night, so I guess I was being told something.  This was a long time ago and I forgave her almost immediately, and we're still friends.

As I've gotten older, and married to somebody who shares my lack of desire for going out and partying, we've taken to spending the evening very quietly, really not doing much of anything.  We welcome the new year, but it's not an "event" for us, and I'm very happy with that.  While I did enjoy going out all those years ago, that was not only the old me, but it was a product of the company I was keeping.  It wasn't really me, and if I tried to force it without having that kind of network around me, I would probably be miserable (also drunk and broke, given the price of alcohol these days and the price of getting into these parties).  So I'm very thankful for the quiet New Year's Eves that I've had.

However you decide to ring in 2010, I wish you a safe and happy one.  If you do party, get home safe.  Or better yet, party at home!  Sleepovers are cool if you host a party or go to one at somebody else's house.

As for the new year itself, I wish you all the best, success in whatever you decide to do, whether it's a resolution that you make for yourself or just a new outlook on life that you decide to implement.

Kick 2009 to the curb and have an awesome 2010!


  1. I hope you & Kim have a wonderful new year. Your dad & I will be alone. Diane wasn't feeling like going out. We did go out to eat. Now we will be home & bored to death. I bought a CD (Michael Buble) & I'm listening to it now. He's great. It's really cold here so soon I will put on my flannel PJ's. Talk to you soon.


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