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February 9, 2010

Book Review - CSI: Brass in Pocket

Hi folks

Just a quick post today, as I can't really think what to write about.  Thankfully, I just discovered that one of my reviews has posted on Curled Up With a Good Book.

CSI: Brass in Pocket, by Jeff Mariotte, is another tie-in to the CBS television series.  And it's a very good one too.

If you're  true CSI fan, you'll definitely enjoy this book.  Mariotte does an excellent job in this book of showing us the characters we all love as well as giving us a little something new. Nothing too major, because they can't change anything that the television show gives us.  However, Brass does get some development that, presumably, we'll never see mentioned again but is still cool.  

Even better, Riley is quite prominent.  Since we never really got to know her that well when she was on the show, Mariotte is able to delve into her character a lot more than he can the others.  Even the regulars are extremely well-done.  I'm looking forward to what the author(s) can do with Ray, but this one takes place while Grissom is still around (though he's at a conference so Catherine is in charge).

Here's my description of the plot, from my review:

"It's a busy night in the crime lab.  Gil Grissom is off in Washington at a conference and then a Congressional testimony, and the lab is very shorthanded (this novel takes place during the 10 episodes before William Peterson left the show, so after Warrick Brown's death).  But murder doesn't wait until it's convenient, and three crime scenes occupy their attention.  A brutal shooting at a cheap motel that may involve police Captain Jim Brass, who's not answering Catherine Willows' phone calls.  A "locked room" mystery where a pilot lands a plane at a small airport and is discovered dead in the pilot seat, and a gruesome find of some animal bones as well as a recently slain sheep that may be the lead up to a serial killer.  And then Catherine's daughter calls with her problems!"

It's much better than the last CSI novel I read, In Extremis.  That made me happy, because I wanted to read some more and not be disappointed in them.

Take a look at the review and let me know what you think.  And if you're a CSI fan, then give the book a try!  It's definitely a good one.


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