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February 17, 2010

Book Review - Omaha Beach & Beyond

I love World War II history books, including memoirs of the brave soldiers who did the fighting.  Last year, I read and really enjoyed Don Malarkey's Easy Company Soldier.  Recently, though, I devoured another memoir that I truly did enjoy as well.  Omaha Beach & Beyond is the memoir of Sergeant Bob Slaughter, a man who enlisted in the army at 16 and faced his first combat on that fateful June 6, 1944.  He was also part of a group of veterans instrumental in getting the D-Day memorial created to honour these heroes that stormed the beaches that day.

Sergeant Slaughter is a real American hero, and I loved reading his tales of life both in training and as they made their way through Europe.

Go read the review, and give this book a try if you like studying about World War II.  It's always more interesting when told by somebody who was there.

Update 1: 10,000 Quatloos to anybody who recognizes the in-joke in that second-to-last paragraph."


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