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February 11, 2010

More podcasts - Too many?

With the great Dan Americh (@oneofswords) joining the podcast world from his lofty new perch at Activision, it's time for another round of "What's new on Dave's podcast list?"  It's the latest installment in the "Is Dave trying to pack even more stuff into his day?" game that I play daily.  The good thing about podcasts, though, is that they generally don't get stale (though some of the video game "news" can be a little old, but most players are already getting that information from web sites).  Thus, you can listen to them at your own pace.

My previous posts listing my podcasts are here and here.  One of these days I'm going to have to pare these down, though.  Though I am saving up for my trip at the end of March, so maybe I won't.

1)One of Swords

Since I mentioned it at the top, I'll mention Dan Americh's new podcast first.  Even if I hadn't added any more, I knew I'd be adding this one when it came out.  Dan used to be at OXM Magazine (Official Xbox Magazine) and he was a mainstay on their podcast.  Now that he's moved from the media to video game corporate at Activision, he has his own podcast for the company.  He's a great guy, I'd follow him anywhere (in a podcast kind of way, at least). However, it's not just a company podcast.  He's still a gamer at heart, just a gamer with some inside scoop on games coming from Activision.  I've only heard the first two editions (I've just downloaded the third), but so far I have to say it's a fun listen.  If you're into video games, that is.

2) British History 101

Actually, I didn't realize it had been so long since I've done this.  There are more than I thought.  I've been listening to it for a good while now.  This is Michael Anthony's podcast that basically tells you about British history.  He's a graduate student at the University of Louisville, and he seems to know his stuff.  I haven't heard that many of these yet (it's not as regular as I would like), but the ones I did hear were really interesting.

The best thing about podcasts with broad topics like this is, if the topic doesn't interest you, you can just delete it.

3) The History of Rome

This is an extremely interesting podcast if you're into Roman history.  Mike Duncan does this weekly podcast that begins (or began, I should say, since I missed that a long time ago) with the beginning of the Roman Empire and is scheduled to end with the last emperor.  It's up to installment 83, and we're talking about Hadrian (in the 120s).  Duncan is a great speaker and he tells the story in a really interesting fashion.  It keeps me hooked in the car, that's for sure.  I always make sure I listen to this quickly when the new episode is out.

4) In the Groove, Jazz and Beyond

With Blues and Celtic music represented on my podcast list, I had to get some jazz in there too.  This is the first of two.  This is a show on WHUS radio in Connecticut, and they make a podcast of the show (or at least the first hour).  There is no smooth jazz here, so Kenny G fans, take a hike!  No, this is jazz as it was meant to be. Jazz masters, up and comers, jazz fusion, it's all here.

But no "smooth" allowed!

5) Jazz podcast from Magnatune

This is the other jazz podcast.  It has no DJ or announcer.  It's just a bunch of great jazz.  Only listened to one episode so far, but it was really good.  Jazz fans should give it a try.

All of these are available on iTunes, though the link I gave you is their web site.  I'm thinking of heaving at least one of the Doctor Who podcasts, but I haven't decided yet.

Have I said that I'm loving my iPhone yet?


  1. What's funny about this is that I can't even keep up with the Science Friday and NYT Book Review podcasts that I listen to (much less the music ones to which I'm subscribed). Maybe now that I'm out of school and gainfully unemployed?

  2. That would be a start!

    I listen to them on my commute, so it's a bit easier. However, it's only 20-25 minutes each way, so it's not *that* easy.


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