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March 2, 2010

Thinking more about podcasts

I received a lot of encouragement when I posted about the possibility of doing a regular podcast for our office. Some of that encouragement was from quarters I wasn't even expecting, so I definitely appreciate that.

After talking to a two people in the office about the idea, both of whom thought it was a good idea, I decided that hey, this might actually happen!  I've just done a blog post for our work blog about this, so rather than repeat that, I'll just link to it.

Basically, I'm looking for ideas on how to make a podcast about a relatively dry subject actually interesting for a weekly (or regular, anyway) listener.  I'd love some of your ideas.  I would like it to be a bit quirky, some humour and all that.  Anything to break the monotony of talking about educational programs.

So, any thoughts?  You can either leave comments here or over there if you have any.


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