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February 25, 2010

The podcast mix of excitement and fear

As previous podcast posts have mentioned, I've been a big fan of them for a few months now, downloading and listening to more than what I have time for in any given week.  It's bad enough that every time we open iTunes, at least one podcast starts downloading.  I generally listen to them on my work commute (these would have been perfect on my 40 minute and more commutes earlier in my life!).

Those of you who are my Facebook friends and who saw yesterday's status update probably know what's coming next...

As I'm driving and listening to some of them, especially the video game podcasts, I start to think that it would be very cool if we did something like that for the office, either the MET program or, more likely because of more content possibilities, the entire EPLT office.  I envision a weekly (or regular, anyway) podcast with the same format of news, maybe interviews with faculty/students/EPLT staff, Q&A, etc, but with a bit of my quirkiness involved as well.  It would be a fairly informal podcast with some humour and stuff like that.  It would be professional, of course, but not like a lecture (thus, it would need a co-host, as I haven't heard a podcast with one person yet that has any humour whatsoever).

I talked to our Marketing Manager about it, and also to one of our technology people to see what they thought of the idea, and they seem to like it too.  So we're exploring our options, doing research, brainstorming ideas, and who knows?  We might actually come up with something feasible.  If anything does happen, I will let you all know of course.  If for no other reason, we will need subscribers!  Hopefully Mom will be able to figure out how podcasts work. :)

The main reason I bring it up here, though, is because if this does go forward, it will be a personal breakthrough for me.  If you recall my post about the MVR3 online information session, you'll remember that I don't really do well in these types of circumstances.  The thought of putting my voice out there, regularly, is a bit daunting.  I will be the voice on there (though I'm insisting on a co-host, mainly for the reason mentioned above).  I'm the one who will be turning people on or off (so to speak).

Not to mention that this is my idea, and if we pull it off, it will be the first time I've come up with something this major that's actually worked.  I've contributed thoughts and suggestions before, but I've never actually come up with the main idea.  I'm really good at "helping."  I'm not that good at "leading."

However, I'm also really excited about it, as indicated by the fact that I won't shut up about it (sorry, dear!).  I just hope we can pull something together that is actually usable.  And something that people won't, you know, turn off and say "why did I listen to that again?"

Keep your fingers crossed and your ear to the ground.  If it goes forward, I'll be recruiting you to listen to us.



  2. I think we'll start with the "Caps Lock" key. LOL


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