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May 5, 2010

Parents, Kids, Facebook - Good Combination?

Are you a parent? Do you want to know what your kids are up to? Short of hiding in their trunk as they go up to Lookout Point for their "party", it's hard to keep track of kids sometimes. However, it's not as hard as it used to be.

Just "friend" them on Facebook! Then you've got the ins and outs of their daily lives and maybe, just maybe, you might grow to understand them a little bit better. Or, you might be even more mystified by them too. That's always possible.

An interesting article on Mashable mentions a survey that says 48% of parents "friend" their kids on Facebook. Do that many parents really want to keep that close of an eye on their kids? And, the more pertinent question, do that many kids really not care that their parents are following their every move?

I think the perception of that percentage is a little skewed, though. How many people surveyed are older adults who "friend" their older children? "Friending" your kids, for some people, is just a way to keep in touch with them because they've moved away. It's not always about teens and their parents. Does the survey include both teenagers and grown-ups?

They also surveyed what age was an appropriate one to start using Facebook or Myspace, and a full 30% (2nd highest) said 13-15 years old. I know some people who fit into that category. I guess it's just a matter of how closely you keep tabs on them, and how much you ensure that they know what they are doing.

So what do you think? Parents and kids on Facebook. Good combination? Do they mix like a good martini, or like oil and water? Or like Jon & Kate?

And most importantly, am I cornering the market on quotation marks?

Let me know!


  1. hey dave, i'll be spamming ur blog's comment again.. yeay.. :D

    i think it was a very good combinations, me(child) friends with my dad, mom, sisters, brothers, grandpa, aunty, uncle (almost everybody in my family who has facebook) and my dad knows my username and password (he said he needed it for playing the mafia wars, but i know better.. lols), and i think the appropriate age to start using facebook is 14-15..

    just an info dave, there's a parent (here in my country) claim that they're 14 years old daughter was kidnaped by a person she met on facebook, when they found her (she was found in Jakarta after 5 days reportedly missing in Surabaya [Jakarta - Surabaya = Alaska - Quebec]) , she said she's running away on purposed coz she felt she was being abused by her own parents..

    so yeah, its kinda a good combinations for parents to be friends with their kids on facebook atleast they can learn about their kids from it.. (just dont leave any comments guys, it'll embarased ur child.. lols)

  2. Not a good idea. I wouldn't want my parents on there. :)

  3. I'm just 18 and I don't use Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook. I don't have the time for them plus I don't want everyone knowing that much about me. Blogger has been my home for a couple years and it's about the only place I feel comfortable on. I have been to a couple forums and is my dad there? Yes he is, but not to spy on me. He used to monitor what I did online a few years ago, but not anymore. Trust is the key.

    Happy trails!

  4. Don't know if it's good or bad but at least it created the "My parents joined Facebook" blog: :)

  5. Good comments from everybody! Thank you so much.

    Of course, as the article points out, savvy kids can hide some of the stuff from their parents anyway.

  6. Hey Dave, I'm friends with my children but the youngest is 16. None of them live here so it is a way for me to stay in touch with them, in fact they're the ones that asked me to join Facebook. I think kids need to understand that what they put "out there" can stay a longtime. I've tried to teach them that but they don't seem concerned....oh well.

    Thanks for the comments,



  7. Thanks for the comment, Bill! I agree it's a little bit different when everybody's grown up, which is why I think this survey doesn't really say what they're claiming it says.

  8. Dave, Just because parents and children are friends on Facebook, doesn't mean anything. As you pointed out, savvy kids can hide stuff from their parents. I know I do. I have different privacy settings for different people on Facebook, restricting certain content from certain epeople. So, while my parents have full access to all my photos, they don't see my status updates (but they can post to my wall). I am all of 31 years of age....I'm not afraid of my parents tracking me, nor are they on FB for that purpose, but sometimes my status updates include things I'd rather they not know (like trying out skydiving or downing three tequila shots)... because I know theiy will worry and/or I'll be lectured to (for the tequila shots). I love my parents but there are some day-to-day things about my personal life that I just don't want to share with them. I don't see anything wrong with that....Just offered this example to show that even though 48% of parents may be friends with their kids on FB, it doesn't necessarily mean they're connected. I think having a good personal relationship, versus an online one, with one's parents is more important.

  9. Definitely good points, Mansi. It depends on the kind of relationship people have with their parents, and what they're willing to show them.

    Some hide nothing, some hide everything. Most are in between.


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