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June 14, 2010

Magic: The Gathering

I can't believe Magic: The Gathering came out 17 years ago!  I remember playing it with one of my friends who got me hooked on the game, though I was never very good at it.  The interest kind of waned for some reason, and since it was only the one friend I played with, I ended up selling my cards when I stopped playing.

While I was aware that the game was still going strong, I never really payed that much attention to it.  Until I did my post asking for XBLA Arcade suggestions.  That's when Rack (from Game Informer Online) suggested getting the XBLA version of Magic: The Gathering and playing that.  Now I'm kind of hooked on that, though I haven't played it online yet (I'd like to unlock all the decks first).

Sadly, this card isn't in the game, but it should be!

I'm worried, though.  I know how expensive the hobby can be, and reading up on it, I doubt I'm ever going to get serious about it.  Getting involved in Magic fandom looks to be a complete lifestyle choice!  And just playing it with friends and not getting involved in all that stuff requires friends who are playing the game.

Who am I kidding?  That requires actual friends in the first place.

But I feel the urge pulling at me a bit.  It's saying "You want to go buy a starter deck and return to the fold.  Do it. DO IT!!!!" (are they even called "starter decks" anymore?)

So I take a look around the web, and I am just totally baffled at how I would get started in the first place.  Which is probably a good thing, as it's keeping me from getting started!  There are so many expansion sets, new editions (up to 9 now? with a new core set on the way?) and other things that just add to my confusion.

How does a newbie get started?  And it is something you even want to start to begin with?

I need your input.  Convince me that I either should or shouldn't dive in and never come up for air.

Also, as a side question: are the two expansion packs for the XBLA game worth getting?


  1. wheeee! i have not much interest in magic other things taking up my time but.......2 of my good friends run this site. :)

    they have a face book page if you want to ask some questions.

  2. Hi Eric!

    Good to see you on here.

    Thanks for the site. I may check it out if I decide to do anything (though I'm leaning the same way you are right now: not enough time)

  3. I have a binder a briefcase full of cards. Used to buy them during my lunchbreaks and dinnerbreaks at Burger King. I was never any good at playing. My two brothers developed a killing strategy that made any interesting kind of play crumble and nobody else I knew played.

    Problem is I'm not a committed gamer. I like casual style play for low/no stakes, especially since I don't have enough practice or knowledge with any of it. Hard ball gamers are too intimidating for me! I think I wound up spending more time dreaming up my own cards. Love that Spanish Inquisition one.

  4. Shanshad, I completely agree! I would love the social aspect of it.

    You know what I would love to do? If I had a friend who was really into it, who had a couple of decks and we could just play with those.

    Ah well. Never going to happen. Until then, I'm enjoying the Xbox version.

    Thanks, Shan!

  5. Pat use to play in tournaments. And win. They created rules thanks to him. Well, more against him. He was known as burn boy. He could tell you stories. I'll leave it at that. Well I'll also admit we have a few pre-made decks each and play from time to time. I'm nowhere near as good as him but I can hold my own when he's limited to a pre-made.


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