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November 15, 2010

Heading to Calgary

I mentioned briefly on Facebook the other day that I'm heading off to Calgary for two days later this week. A co-worker and I are going to be giving a couple of presentations about the MET program. One of them is at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and the other one is at Bow Valley College.

I'm actually quite excited because this is my first-ever business trip, where I have to keep track of expenses and all that stuff. Hopefully, our next trip will be firming up our Jamaican contingent of MET students, but somehow I doubt that will happen (or if it does, that I'll be invited to go along).

I'm also a bit nervous, because there will be another first: giving a long presentation like this. Granted, my co-worker will be doing it too (we're tag-teaming it), but still. It's 30 minutes or so.

I know I've done a slight bit of public speaking before, but that was for a couple of minutes. And I was unprepared (most of that is my fault). I was going to link to a post about it, but just realized that I only posted that on Facebook.

I can handle being up on stage for 30 minutes, right? Yeah, I know I can. Being prepared will certainly help that, of course.

It's going to be a quick in-and-out jaunt. We fly up Thursday morning, give a presentation around noon, then we have the day to ourselves. After a night of carousing, we'll give another presentation at noon on Friday and head home Friday late-afternoon. Only one night in a hotel, which is probably just as well.

I'll post about it on the weekend, of course.

And I'm going to knock these presentations out of the park. Because I'm good enough...damn, was going to do a Stuart Smalley joke there, but I can't stand to look at Al Franken's face.

Even though I know I'll do well, keep me in your thoughts anyway! And if anybody has any suggestions for things to do in Calgary, or a restaurant we just have to check out, feel free to leave a comment.

Next stop, Jamaica!


  1. Sounds like a neat trip. You sounded like you are trying to convince yourself you can do this. I know I.m only your mom but I will say it anyway. YOU CAN DO IT & IT WILL BE GOOD> Who is going with you? Hope you have some time to see some sights. Can't wait to0 hear how it goes. HAVE FUN.

  2. Oh, I know I'll do fine. Just a bit nervous, that's all.

    And being a bit self-depricating


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