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December 26, 2010

One Hit Wonders of the 2000s - Christmas Break

Merry Christmas (or Boxing Day, I guess) from all of us behind the One Hit Wonders franchise (yes, we are branching out, with a new location in Canton, Ohio!).

We're taking a break this week, due to family and travel considerations (and I was just too lazy to do one earlier this week and schedule it), but we'll definitely be back with vim and vigor (just what the hell is "vim," anyway?) next weekend! For the New Year's edition of the show.

For your enjoyment, and to show what a benevolent boss I am, here's a picture of the staff celebrating the holiday.

Whoops!!! How'd that get in there. That's from my OSHA file.

This is how we celebrate.

Yeah, it's good to be Santa...

Anyway, see you next week! And all the best in the New Year.

*Edit*: This was supposed to post Sunday morning, but somebody accidentally left it in "draft" mode instead of "scheduled."

That intern has been flogged.

The intern that hired that intern has been let go.

The intern that hired *that* intern would have been sacrificed to the volcano gods, but she wasn't a virgin.

So she was just sacked.

Our apologies.


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