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December 11, 2010

Podcast stuff - Episode 2 of Radio EPLT!

For my friends who may be interested in hearing me spout off (and there must be at least one of you, eh?), the second episode of our podcast has now been posted.

It has an interview with Karen Armstrong (instructor who teaches some of our courses and is considered an expert in literacy education) as well as a discussion of mobile devices (especially iPods and iPads) in the classroom.

It's only 47 minutes, so much shorter than the last one. So you don't have the length excuse!

I think I'm getting a bit more comfortable, the humour's a bit less forced, and I think I might even be a little clearer.

We're still dealing with a few issues that we'll have to take care of in the new year (like using a non-squeaky chair) as well as hosting issues (we don't like using an ad-supported site to host, but the files have been too big to host on our own server).

But we're getting there!

If you take a listen, I'd love to hear what you think. Especially those of you who have been so encouraging in the past (and you know who you are).

Next episode coming in the new year!


  1. I really enjoyed this podcast. Karen Armstrong was very interesting to listen to. She sounds like she really loves what she does. I'm sure she's a very good teacher.
    You are sounding better everytime I hear you. (I know I'm just your mom but I mean what I say) You sound more comfortable now.
    All in all I would give you an A.

  2. Thank you! Let's hope the rest of the people enjoy it. :)


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