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July 22, 2011

Blogging Emptiness

Wow, has it been almost two weeks since I've posted anything here? I find that hard to believe, but dates don't lie. The last post was July 10, and today is the 22nd.

It got bad enough that people had to come find me and ask what was going on.

While I was on vacation, I didn't really do much of anything online. I did no writing whatsoever. I did tweet some, but not a whole lot. It's like I dropped into a virtual black hole.

(Thanks to Science Blogs)

I just didn't feel up to writing. We had a lot of stuff going on in our lives the ten days we were home, lots of upheaval with feline issues and the like. Every time I sat in front of the computer, I just wanted to veg out. Not create anything.

I came back to work this week, and it was more just a time issue than anything else. I returned to Twitter with a vengeance, since it doesn't take very long to write 140 characters, but I just never had the time or energy to come here.

But that will change.

I know I promised this before, but I do plan on starting again tomorrow, or Sunday at the latest. I've got the latest edition of the one-hit wonders of the 2000s to do (it's been over a month! The horrors!). We have a new cat (not the kittens I talked about in the previous post), and I have three book reviews to tell you about, all of excellent books.

And who knows what else? Maybe something will piss me off enough to write about it.

So, to my loyal readers (and I'd love to know how a blog with zero content for 10 days can *gain* subscribers as far as Feedburner goes), my apologies for the long delay in posting.

Hopefully, the new content will be worth it.

Hang in there. The hiatus is almost over.


  1. How do you track Feedburner? I had a site that I think was suppose to do it, but I think I set it up wrong. I'm not really sure. But after 2 years nothing happened with it. (I hope it was just me setting it up wrong...) So what site do you use and I might need you to walk me through it.

  2. Right under the Formspring "Ask me a question!" box on the left side of the page is my Feedburner number.

    You have to set up a Feedburner account, through Google (

    Once you've set up the account, you have to go to your blog's "Settings," under the "Site Feed" tab and paste your new feed link there.

    Feedburner's quite intuitive, so just following the directions from the site once you've created your account should get you going.

    Let me know if some of it doesn't make sense, though.

  3. I did the same thing, Dave. Took a 5 day mini-vacation w/ a friend, then about 10 days later, our family reunion hit for another 4 days. Between the two, I was distracted & busy, then catching up on business stuff & rest. I could've written, had plenty of stuff in my Drafts folder, but I just couldn't get into the groove for it until today. And today's post, unfortunately, was one of those points of pain that I couldn't avoid - I HAD to write it out of my heart so it didn't drive me nuts! *L* The good news is, your loyal readers are always going to be here & happy to see you coming back into creative mode. :)

    Love you, buddy!

    ~ Dawnie

  4. I'm always happy to hear that my loyal readers will be happy to see me back. It's actually hearing that which makes coming back even easier, though.

    And I know it's time to actually get back to doing it, too. I've wallowed long enough, I think.

    Thanks for your continued support, positivity, and uplifting words.

    Love you too!

  5. That wasn't the site I was using. But when I followed that link, it said I had set up an account there. I just don't know if I did it right, or all the way or what. Hmmmm

  6. Taking a closer look in my setting, no I didn't set it up all the way which is why it wasn't tracking anything. So ok. I see how to set it up all the way. But then, the site that updates my twitter every time I post would need reconfigured, and that a touchy little site. it doesn't work half the time as is. I'm not sure I'm willing to mess with it. lol I assume I have a feed going, I'm just not tracking it, right?

  7. It sounds that way. I use Twitterfeed to post my blog to Twitter, but I do think you'd have to change which feed you're using, if you changed to Feedburner.

    If you don't want to mess with it, that's understandable.

  8. Next time it decides to randomly break for the hell of it, I'll go ahead and mess with it then. But in the meantime, it's working and well, that's a miracle.

  9. Dave...look at all this support rolling in. I, like yourself and Dawn was away on vacation for 2 weeks. It can be a little scary..because we are out of touch with everyone.

    How did we get here..? Feeling the need to connect. So, I thought of it this way, in times past, if a friend or family member went on vacation you just knew they would be back, you wished them well on their vacation and looked forward to their stories when they returned.

    So here we are, your friends and community family...welcoming you home and saying...we missed you and when it works...lets get together and catch up.

    Welcome home and Don't sweat the small stuff...always.

  10. Oh look at that, it broke. (AKA I changed something else I had to change and twitterfeed DOES NOT like change) so I went ahead and did the feed burner thing anyway. Figure I can't break it worse, right?

  11. LOL Yes, that is always the way it works. :)

    Hope it keeps working for you.

  12. So far, NOTHING is working so I'm pretty much starting from scratch with everything. Though I think the feed burner can't find my feed because I set it up before I bought my domain, etc. And then of course twitter feed can't work with the new feed because the new feed address isn't correct because feed burner isn't working and I could REALLY use a pill for a migraine about now but alas, I'm not allowed any while pregnant.

  13. Wow, apparently I really did have it set up wrong because for the past 2 years it's been telling me I had 0 subscribers just to learn today I really have 76. Go figure. lol

    PS everything is working properly for once. Except maybe twitterfeed. But after complaining about it on twitter, another company sent me a tweet telling me they do the same thing only better. So twitterfeed (which did actually work at least once yesterday after hours of fighting with it) has one more chance or I'm moving on.

  14. You can also distribute on Twitter via Feedburner. I was already on Twitterfeed with this blog when I set that up, so I never bothered to change it.

    But when I set up my (now defunct) video game blog, I did it through Feedburner and it worked fine.

    Congrats on getting everything configured!


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