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January 8, 2011

Arizona Congresswoman Killed in a Shooting

*Update: Sheriff's office says Giffords is still alive and in surgery. Let's hope all goes well, but still, my condolences to those whose family members have died. And this doesn't change the point of my post*

*Update 2: Apparently the prognosis is good for at least some kind of recovery. That's great news! My best wishes go out to her as she works through the difficult process. And my heart goes out to those who were killed and their families.


I normally don't do "Breaking News" posts on this blog, but this one (and the reaction to it) has really affected me.

Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot in the head, along with some other people (I'm hearing differing reports, but the last number I heard was 12) at an outside political event. As I type this, I just saw the news that she has died. What a horrifying incident this is, and all of my thoughts and condolences go out to her family (and the families of the other victims, of course).

Giffords was a Blue Dog Democrat who had just won re-election in 2010. I can't comment on her politics other than that, as I don't know her or know her history.

Thankfully, it appears that the gunman is in custody, so hopefully we'll find out the motivation behind this incomprehensible atrocity.

But you know what's horrifying me about this incident as well?

The reaction to it.

People are making politics out of this already! Passing blame, condemning what they believe is the purpose behind it, all without even knowing anything. Some on the Left are already blaming Sarah Palin for this! Can you believe it?

The hair-trigger that people are on in this country right now is almost beyond belief (I say "this country" because I do consider myself still American, as well as Canadian). A prominent woman (along with multiple others, I'm seeing reports of now) have been killed. Murdered in cold blood on a public street.

And you're playing politics? NOW???? While the blood is still wet on the street?

Reprehensible. Those of you who are doing this should be ashamed of yourself.

There can be a variety of reasons for an incident like this. Let the investigation take place and find out what really happened before you jump into this and start casting blame about.

This terrible tragedy really saddens me.

The reaction to it just heaps more sadness on top of it.

It's a symptom of the sick political culture that we're living in right now.


  1. I can be safe to bet where *some* of this is stemming without knowing the shooter's intentions.. Illegal Immigration and possibly even the cut backs that are in the news in concern to Death Panels in their state.

    I'm sorry for the loss of all involved. What a tragedy for multitudes of families to have to go through.

    Sadly though in the states, NOTHING can be said without political rhetoric or innuendo these days. If you argued the sky was blue then some idiot would say "but those Dems want to change this" or "Repubs are closing the gap by feeding themselves".

    It's so wonderful to live in America where you can be an idiot both inside and outside of the Political Ring. And a racist radical who claims that he or she knows EXACTLY what God wants for His people.


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