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March 24, 2011

Disclaimers? I'll give you disclaimers!!!

"Experienced Blogger on a Closed Course. Do Not Attempt This at Home"

I was watching last night's Canucks/Red Wings game, and there was a commercial for dishwasher detergent. It showed a bunch of construction-type workers manually scrubbing all of the caked-on food off of the plates and other dishes. I guess the commercial was trying to show how effective this detergent is in getting out tough food stains (stains on your soul, however, are still much tougher to get out).

What made me laugh is that little word down in the bottom right corner of the screen: "Dramatization"

Really? You mean there aren't little construction workers in my dishwasher, cleaning my plates? I am so disappointed. Not only that, but if there aren't any of these workers in there, then why do I keep hearing voices coming from it?

Maybe those voices are actually coming from where we keep the household cleaning supplies. Maybe it's these guys!

I can't quite understand the voices, but they seem to be saying stuff like "Your friends hate you! They don't understand you! You should just end it all now and be done with it!"

And by that, I'm sure they mean that I should go to a Justin Bieber concert. Because that truly would be the end.

I think they should put disclaimers on household products like these. "Warning: Lack of use of this product, may make you feel inferior when you go to other people's houses."

Especially when the head of the house is this woman.

Actually, I think that *house* should come with a disclaimer.

"Warning: Upon entering this house, you shall have joined the Space Age."

But getting back to dumb disclaimers, what does it say about our society that commercials *have* to put some of them on there? Who uses their blow dryer in the bathtub? Are they trying to set up their own hot tub with whirlpool action? And are they shocked when it doesn't work?

I want the ultimate disclaimer:

"Warning: This product not intended for use by stupid people. If you aren't sure if this applies to you, then it does."

But then I guess sales would really plummet, wouldn't they?

This has been another entry in Duane Scott's ongoing "Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays" series. Head on over and check out the other entries!


  1. I once saw a sign..."Ear piercing while you wait"

    Hmmmm, should I leave my ears?

    Thanks Bro'

  2. Maybe you are hearing the tidy bowl man.

    Yes, I think the disclaimers are often a hoot. Other times, they make me angry. "Results not typical" when the commercial is clearly suggesting it is. UGH!

  3. This one made me laugh. I needed a good laugh.

  4. HAHA! This is good.

    Really good.

    I'm with you. I want a disclaimer like that one! Here's the deal. If I ever make a product, I'll put that on it. Okay?

    I'd buy a product that put that as their warning.

    I really would.

  5. I'm glad I was able to make everybody laugh! The world needs more laughter.

    Tell me the truth, Duane. You thought I wasn't going to come through today, didn't you? :)


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