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July 23, 2011

New addition to the family - Boneless the Cat!

There is a new member of the Roy family in the household.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the SPCA to see about getting another cat.

We were going to be home for a number of days before heading back to work, and we thought that would be important for any new cat to get accustomed to us, not to mention us accustomed to it. That way, we wouldn't have to adopt one and then immediately be heading off to work the next day (or the next day after that), leaving it alone for eight hours at a time. This way, we would get to spend a lot of time with it during the bonding stage.

There were a number of awesome cats there, but one in particular stood out for me. I didn't realize this until we had already adopted her, but I think it was because she licked my hand when we were interacting with her. I knew she had done it at the time, but I didn't really place that with why I had ambivalent feelings about the other cats that we saw. But that must be why I was so enamored with her. The wife liked a lot of the cats there, but this would be the first cat that we both picked out, so it was important that both of us like our choice. We both agreed that this particular one would be good.

The SPCA had named her Supergirl.

I can see why they might have done so. The cat was found burned in a car engine. She still has two shaved spots on her front paws from where the IV was placed. She also has a scar on her back leg which we think will always be there.

Needless to say, we did not like the name Supergirl, so we've been waiting to see if she would name herself. We've had her since Tuesday, July 12, and she went nameless (other than Supergirl) for most of that time.

We considered calling her Speed Bump, because she treats us like one. Unlike Miss Kittycat, this one walks all over us, and is not averse to just climbing on us and flopping down to fall asleep.

(This was taken by me, while she was on my lap)

And she does like to flop. If you pick her up, she'll often sag like a dead weight, wanting to make the act of picking her up as heavy as possible.

Hey, why not call her Boneless?

So that's now her name. Boneless, the cat!

It really fits her.

Boneless is two years and a month old (we arbitrarily set her birth date as June 30, 2009, as the SPCA said she was 2 years and 2 weeks old). We've had her for almost two weeks now, and she's fitting in very nicely. She's captivated by the rats, but we've got things blocked off enough that she can't get to them. She will stare, however.

She's also tried to get a few places that we've now made it uncomfortable for her to go (trying to get on top of the computer will now knock something down onto the floor, with a very discomfiting "bang" noise as the plastic hits the hardwood, to name one example).

We're still adjusting to her habits, and she's adjusting to us as well. However, she has had no issues coming to us. Even on the first day, she'd come up on the bed and join us, walking over us, lying down on our stomach or whatever.

She's not shy at all, and never has been. That might be because she's older or it might be because she was very well taken care of by a previous owner (perhaps they just couldn't afford the vet bills after the car engine incident?). Whatever the case, she's adorable, and we love her to death.

And we look forward to having her around for a very long time.


  1. I especially loved the final photo - she looks quite smug & content there. "Yes, this is my kingdom, you may worship at my furry feet." ;o) I'm happy y'all have welcomed a new fur kid into the family, Dave. I didn't know about the rats, and admit I was like Boneless and took a few extra moments to stare when I read that part. I can live w/out knowing details, though, really! Oh, and I have found that nephews tend to treat people like furniture as well, particularly when they're sleepy. Especially if you are of the back-rubbing Aunt Dawn variety of furniture. ;-)


  2. Dave..I love all the photos, but especially the one of her curled up on your lap. From what I can see..she adopted you as you know it is over...the new Boneless Bee has arrived. She is gorgeous and Ilove her personality. She is obviously curious...which gives her lots of personality...I am sure we will be getting more Boneless stories as time goes on...Always...

  3. She is adorable. The name suits her. Sounds like you picked a winner. The pictures are so cute. I'm glad you finaly found the right one. Enjoy her.

  4. Dawn: You didn't know about the rats? I guess I haven't talked about them much on here, except early. Yep, we do have rats too. :)

    Raven: Cats always produce stories, don't they? :)

    Mom: We will definitely do that!

    Karen: No, we don't. Things just didn't work out and we had to return them to their original owner.

    Thanks, ladies!

  5. I kinda got that feeling when this one entered the picture and there was no mention of the kittens. Sometimes things just don't work. It's never easy. We recently had to make a fast decision about a dog we had taken in. BIG lovable dog my sister in law couldn't keep anymore. We all adored him. But one morning something just happened, we don't know what, and unprompted he bit the 3yo's face. Pat saw the whole thing happen, there was no obvious trigger. If it had been obvious we might have been able to work something out. (My mom's old dog once bit Thomas when Thomas was about 3. But she was an old dog and T had just hit her very old, very bad hip. We weren't thrilled with either of them, but we understood.) But with it not being obvious, and the fact the dog is BIG and could do serious damage... he was out of the house within the hour. Broke our hearts, but the kid's safety comes first.

    PS, apparently you owe me and Dawn a rat post.


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