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July 31, 2011

No One-Hit Wonder Post today

As the decade of the 2000s winds down in one-hit wonder land, I'm feeling really uninspired this morning. I just looked at the 2009 list and thought "Dave" (because I always refer to myself in the third person), "you're not going to be able to make anything out of this crap today."

I will definitely get one out next week, though! There are only two more weeks left, actually, since there are 16 songs in 2009. And then the series will come to an end.

What's next after that? I'm not sure. But we'll see.

Looks like my thoughts on "taking a break" from a regular post like the one-hit wonders are actually coming true.

Anyway, just thought I would post this for those of you who may miss it and wonder where I am if I don't post anything.


  1. I missed your music this week but I'll forgive you cause I love you.LOL
    Hope you had a good day.


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