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August 27, 2011

Podcast stuff - Episode 17 of Down the Hall (Radio EPLT)

It's that time again! Another episode of Down the Hall has now been posted.

The highlight for me is the interview I have with Elaine Decker about comedy in the classroom (basically, using humour to help your teaching practices). Elaine was my first real boss up here in BC (I don't count my Christmas job at Chapters). We don't reminisce much, though, as I wanted to stay on topic. But I'm immensely grateful to her for everything she gave me when I was first starting out.

Plus, she's just a hilarious person. The interview's a lot of fun.

For our discussion, Jenny and I talk about classroom management techniques, with school starting up soon (or already started for some of you folks). I think it's an interesting discussion, and will hopefully make you think a bit.

You can find the episode here. Let us know what you think!

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