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August 3, 2011

Welcome to my Stumbled Brethren

Yesterday, somebody submitted all of my one-hit wonders posts to the social sharing site StumbleUpon. It's a site, like Digg, where you can share stuff that you find on the web with others.

When you create a StumbleUpon account, part of your profile that you create is a series of interests. Then you can submit sites that you think others would find interesting as well. You can find people on there who share interests and follow them, so you can see what they share.

But one thing that's unique (in my limited experience, anyway) is that you can "Stumble" your interests by clicking the "Stumble" button. This will take you to a random site that has been submitted to StumbleUpon by other users, a site that will match one of the interests that you stated in your profile.

I'm not sure how the algorithm works for determining what web site to take you to. I'm sure it's in the back there, silently plotting world domination.

What I didn't know is just how much of an impact that site can have.

My blog usually gets 30-50 hits a day, and many of those are family/friends or image searches.



My free StatCounter only logs the last 500 page views, so I have no idea whether there were visitors who were not brought by StumbleUpon yesterday. I do know that every time I looked at my StatCounter, every visitor had come over from StumbleUpon.

That's a lot of influence.

I was gratified to see that a number of them at least took a tour through the rest of the one-hit wonders posts, even if they didn't read anything else. And some people did read posts that weren't in that grouping too.

I was sad that it only got me a couple of comments, but you can't have everything.

One thing I did notice this morning is that my Feedburner subscriber count was the highest it's ever been. While it can fluctuate, it's been averaging around 100-110 over the last little while. Today, it was at 126.

It's a start!

So, to those of you who came over here via StumbleUpon, I welcome you! I hope you stick around and check out the rest of the posts. I am a bit eclectic, but I hope you find something that will interest you.

I really should have posted this yesterday. Oh well. Late to the party, as usual.

As always, I'd love to know what you think. Please leave a comment or send me an email.

And the Share button at the bottom of each post does include StumbleUpon, so please feel free to share anything you like.

My ego could use the boost.


  1. I had a similar result last month on one of my Epinions reviews, but it wasn't because of Stumble Upon. It was because a book I reviewed has become a rather lurid documentary. I look forward to seeing what kind of IS I get.

    Seriously, your one hit wonder posts are great! I hope this nets you some new regular readers.

  2. Thanks! Any suggestions on what to do when I'm done with the 2000s? :)

    I hope it does too. We'll have to see. I guess I'd better write some stuff. :)

  3. Yeah, I did kinda force you to come up with a new series.

    Maybe something to do with movies? There aren't exactly one hit wonders in that world, but there might be something to work with.

  4. Why not one season wonder TV shows... or shows that were ditched after a couple of episodes. I get a lot of hits on the posts I write about annoying commercials... especially the one I wrote about Carrie Fisher's Jenny Craig ad.

  5. LOL maybe I'll have to do something like that.

    But it has to be something that I can do on Youtube, or at least a picture.

    Incidentally, just looked over at my "Visiting Countries" box, and Great Britain has now outdistanced Canada.

    C'mon, Canadians, get over here!!!

  6. Some of those old TV shows have clips on YouTube. I know I've watched quite a few of the Brady Bunch Variety Hour there. ;-)

  7. Isn't social media amazing? :D congrats on the hits. May you gather many more!

  8. Thanks, Cath!

    From your mouth to everybody in the world's ears. :)

  9. Stop by and share with us, we appreciate your support. I'm still trying to figure out how Stumble really works.

    Also read, enjoy and follow me:


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