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November 18, 2011

Podcast stuff - The Indie & Mojo Show Ep 13

Yes, I am taking over the podcast world.

In addition to our bi-weekly podcast (I'll be doing a post about this week's episode tomorrow, probably), I also appeared on the latest episode of the Indie & Mojo show, Episode 13. Some of you know that I do video game blogs and am part of the community over at Game Informer. The site has spawned many community podcasts from various members, and one of them (one of the ones I listen to religiously now, and that was even before they asked me to be on) is the Indie & Mojo show. It's two guys talking about video games and Game Informer and other pop culture type stuff.

You can listen to the episode in the player below, or go to the site and download it if you want to take it with you.

We talk Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, how people don't read emails, and the controversy over review scores (which is mainly caused by people paying more attention to scores than to the reviews themselves), and lots more.

Just one thing I would like to add before you listen to it. Unfortunately, I made my first mistake less than 2 minutes into the podcast. When I say that we script our intros for Down the Hall because they "would sound terrible otherwise," I should have added that this is totally because of me and my inability to ad-lib something like that. I'm sure Jenny could do it easily. In fact, I know she can, because we tried it, and my inability to do it is why we script it.

That was supposed to be self-deprecating, but I left off that part so it sounded like I was dissing both of us. So, apologies, Jenny!

And I can't believe I talked about our podcast but neglected to say the name. It's "Down the Hall" (I really need to work on this advertising thing). You all know that, of course.

Anyway, it was a fun show to do, and I hope it sounds that way too.


  1. I actually listened to this whole show. What a blast. Of course I had no idea what you were talking abou.LOL You sounded like you were having fun. Were you surprised to be asked to come on the show?
    Those two guys were really funny. Is this show on every week? You can tell me more when you come home.
    It's fun to just hear your voice. Miss you. See you soon

  2. No, we set it up a while ago, actually. They were looking for other GIO members to be guests and I said "sure, I'd love to!"

    It is a weekly show, though obviously I'm not on there every week. :)

    It was definitely a blast!


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