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November 19, 2011

Podcast Stuff - Ep 23 of Down the Hall (Radio EPLT)

Have you seen those weird looking squiggly black designs on ads, magazines, or some other form of print? You know the ones I mean.

Those little things can actually contain a great deal of information, and in this week's episode of Down the Hall, Jenny and I discuss the use of these codes in Education. Appropriately titled "QRacking the Code," we talk about the tons of things you can do with them. And while our discussion is (mostly) limited to Education, if you have a smartphone with a code reader, you will be able to see a lot of cool things by scanning them.

This doesn't keep us from talking about other things in the process of the discussion, though, including my book reviews.

I also talk to John Egan, instructor for one of the courses in the Master of Educational Technology program. We discuss his course, "Learning Technologies: Selection, Design & Application" and how it came about. There's a wealth of great information about the course, but also about learning technologies in general.

We also nerd out a bit in the introduction, with a brief Walking Dead mention and one A Song of Ice and Fire reference as well.

What can beat all of that?

If you listen and comment in the next 30 minutes, you could even win an EPLT snuggie (snuggie not included).

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