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April 11, 2012

The Legion of Blog - the Canucks 7th Men

Apologies in advance to all of my international readers (Hi, Sven!), because this post is going to be very Vancouver-centric. In fact, it's going to be hockey-centric, so that probably kills many of the rest of my audience.

But I don't care, because it's my blog and I can make what I want out of it. I can make a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl (10,000 Quatloos for whoever gets that reference).

Anyway, it's time for the NHL playoffs to start! Game One is tonight, where the Vancouver Canucks play the Los Angeles Kings in a best of seven series. Assuming they're able to repeat last year's efforts (and hopefully win one more game), this is the beginning of a grueling two months of hockey, for both the players but also the fans who live and die with their team. Garments will be rent, much beer consumed, and people will fall off the Bandwagon and climb back on as their team's fortunes ebb and flow. It's a great time to be a hockey fan.

Today's blog is to extol the virtues of a gaggle of great guys, collectively known as the Legion of Blog from the Vancouver Province sports section. These guys together do a bunch of humorous Vancouver Canucks posts about anything and everything regarding the team, and hockey in general. Do the Canucks need Trevor Linden to be part of the team in order to win the Cup this year? Wyatt Arndt makes the case for why the team should hire him for the inevitable press box shot to push the team over the edge.

Does Don Cherry confuse you as much as he does the rest of Canada?

He probably does, especially when he makes you wonder what sofa no longer has any upholstery on it.

Anyway, Cam Charron agrees with you! And he'll showcase it every week.

I read these guys religiously, always checking to see what other new posts may have come up since the last time I looked. Since there are four of them (five? I think four), there are guaranteed to be posts every day (or almost every day, anyway). Of course, as with every comedy routine, there are some that bomb, but their hit rates are generally pretty good. I love the post-game recaps done by Wyatt, the Post-Game Quotes We Wish Were Real done by J. Bowman.

While I like all of the bloggers on there, I really like Wyatt because we've connected on Twitter a few times. I followed him before he became a blogger.

He's known on Twitter as "The Stanchion," and he created the account after this legendary goal by Kevin Bieksa in Game 5 of the series against San Jose.

The puck rebounded off the stanchion and right to Bieksa's stick. Wyatt's twitter feed was hilarious for months after that as he pretended to actually be the Stanchion (talking about the Canucks may not offer him a contract this year, things like that), until the Province was looking to replace their current sports humour bloggers. Wayne was one of the people who applied, and the Province decided to go with a Legion instead.

I also feel a connection with Wayne because he works at UBC, but that's neither here nor there. We've never actually met.

Whatever the case, all of the bloggers in the Legion are hilarious and well-worth reading, and may get Canucks fans through this long two-month ordeal (hopefully two months, or it will mean they bowed out early).

Because even when your team is down for the count, you need to laugh.

*Edit*Oh, how embarrassing. "Wayne" Arndt notified me that, of course, his name is *Wyatt*, not Wayne. The perils of dashing off posts on your lunch break. Sorry, Wyatt!!!


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