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May 12, 2012

Podcast Stuff - Ep 35 of Down the Hall

We all know what the question of the day is. The one that's been eating you up for the last two weeks.

No, it's not whether or not Community would be renewed for a fourth season, though the fact that it was (or at least for a partial season) is very good news indeed.

I know you were holding your breath to find out whose theme song would be chosen for the new Down the Hall theme! Would I go down in flames, crying in my beer, or would I be able to lord my victory over my co-hosts for years to come?

You'll just have to listen to Episode 35 to find out.

That's not the only thing in this episode, however. Otherwise, it really wouldn't be much of a podcast. I talked to a graduate from the MET program about her time in it and how she's using what she learned to form a Virtual Learning Commons at the college where she works. It's a really great interview (because of her, as I wouldn't toot my own horn that way :P) and it has a lot of great information for those who may be thinking about applying for the program.

Secondly, take a look at the cool new picture that's on the player for the podcast on the blog page I linked to above. Notice a different picture? Yes, we had to update our photos to include Fiona in them, and I think they all turned out great. The avatar picture is on the player, but you need to go to our Libsyn page to see our brand new banner. I think that picture is marvelous.

Also, while you're doing things for me/us, why not go to our Facebook page and "like" us? It's just the click of a button. Doesn't take any energy at all. You probably have enough energy even if you're checking this right after you got out of bed. Assuming, of course, that my blog is the first thing you check when you get up.

It is, isn't it?

Anyway, let us know what you think!


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