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November 11, 2012

Another "Duh" Study - People Who Live Near Bars Drink More

Hard to believe I've been back blogging for two weeks and haven't done a "your tax dollars at work" post about some lame study!

So here you go, and this one isn't even from The Daily Mail in the UK, either.

According to CBS Atlanta, a study has shown that those who live near bars are more likely to drink more.

Was this really something people doubted? Yes, it doesn't apply to everybody. We have a really nice bar right down the street that I've been to a few times. I do enjoy it there. But it certainly hasn't caused me to drink more.

But generally? And speaking of people being "more likely" to drink more?

I don't know how anybody could question this, and that's even before this silly study.

It's like one of the commenters on the post said: it's a matter of convenience along with other things. If you live near a movie theater, you're more likely to go to movies. We live right down the street from one. For us, movies come in two different types (three if you count ones that we have no interest in): those we're willing to travel to see, and those that we'll go see if they happen to be within walking distance.

We didn't go to many movies at all when more effort was required.

It's the same with bars and drinking. When you can just stumble home after a night drinking, you're more likely to indulge yourself, aren't you? I would think so.

The study was done by a group of Finnish researchers, so I wonder where they got the funding for it. If it was private, then I think somebody wasted their money. And if it was public?

Well, that's par for the course, isn't it?

One day, there will be a study on why people believe the sky is blue, or why people like Justin Bieber (ok, that may be a useful study to determine insanity rates).

What do you think? Do you find bar proximity affecting how much you drink?

(Thought it would be nice to post something light and frothy after this morning's much more serious post)


  1. Well... people have to feel useful. My post today is about how Marie Osmond is ruining my morning routine. How useful is that?

    As for drinking, I tend to do a lot more of it at home. It's cheaper, less dangerous, and I don't have to worry about offending anyone expect the people who friend me on Facebook. And most of those folks already know I'm obnoxious even when sober.

  2. Yeah, but you're not getting paid for it. :P

    I don't drink much at all anyway. When I do, it's mostly at home because right now it just makes me tired.


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