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November 6, 2012

News of the Weird - Toilets and Soccer

I'll bet you didn't realize those two things could go together, did you?

Only in Japan?

Yes, according to Orange News, two Japanese companies have combined forces to create a toilet that can also be a goalkeeper.

What's that? Why would you want your toilet to also tend goal on your soccer team?

You must not have an imagination.

Why pay extra for a goalkeeper when you can just bring out the toilet from the locker room? It doesn't even have to move, so you don't need things like rollers or actual, you know, feet or anything. It will never get hurt.

Ok, maybe it can't actually catch the ball and toss it to its own player to get the next play started, but surely that can be worked around somehow.

Playing soccer is a tiring sport, and you have to keep hydrated. Since play never stops during each half, you need to really load up during halftime. Of course, you know where all that water goes, right? Yep, your goalkeeper can then help you there too.

It's a win-win!

Just don't try to use it during the game, because you may not like it if somebody tries to score while you're taking a leak. It calculates the trajectory of the kick with motion sensors and then shoots a ball out of its bowl to deflect the soccer ball away. Ouch if you're standing in front of it!

This is a concept that was a long-time coming, I think. Soon, who knows? Maybe an entire team full of toilets?

It just might work.

My favourite line from the story:
"Toilet maker Toto and sports lottery agent Toto pitched their collaboration as an environmentally friendly project."
Well, it certainly makes it so you can recycle your goalkeeper!

Check out the video of how it works here.


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