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September 16, 2009

Perfect Example...

of what I was talking about in my "Getting Around Downtown" post happened yesterday. This is in regards to pedestrians walking across the street on "don't walk" signs.

I was waiting to turn right on Nelson from Burrard, with one guy in front of me. The "walk" sign was up on Nelson and people were streaming across. Then the "don't walk" sign flashes, yet people continue to step off the curb and walk across the street. The guy in front of me couldn't turn until the light was actually red!

Then, the same thing happened to me on the next light. Pedestrians started across, then the "don't walk" flashes and one guy and a woman step off the curb and start crossing the street. I was so frustrated that, as the guy was walking in front of me, I actually honked. He jumped, looked back at me, and as I was turning behind him, I shouted "Don't walk!" I think he said something, but I was past him by that point and I don't know what it was. He did glare at me, though.

It's this "me-first" attitude in society, where "my" needs come before the needs of efficient traffic flow that really gets on my nerves. Thankfully, because I was a bit assertive, a couple of cars turned right behind me. But that lane was starting to back up, and it was all because we couldn't turn. Because the pedestrians' need to get across at any cost was more important than actually allowing traffic to move on its normal course.

I was proud of myself for honking and giving the guy a little shit. Usually I just meekly take it.


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