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November 9, 2012

Podcast Stuff - Episode 47 of Down the Hall

Fighting our way through the ravages of the Common Cold, we managed to get this week's episode recorded, edited, and posted!

Episode 47 has an interview with John Yamamoto from the Teacher Education Office here at UBC. Fiona talks to him about his experiences as a student in one of our Master of Education cohorts, REA3 (Educational Administration & Leadership in Richmond). It's a great interview and I think should be of interest to anyone who's furthering their education, not just those interested in the cohort experience.

Also, Fiona and I talk about blogging for teachers and how it can help their professional development.

We enjoyed doing the episode, and we managed not to pass out in the middle of it! Or, maybe we just edited those parts out? Try and guess.

Episode 47 can be found here.

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