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September 10, 2013

Check Out Dave's Buttoned-Up Tumblr!

Those of you who are connected with me through various other social media outlets (Twitter and Facebook, mostly) already may be aware of this, but I forgot to actually announce it here!

You know how sometimes you have a thought, or see an image or a video that you want to pass along, but you don't want to do a whole blog post about it? You have something to say about it, but it's more than 140 characters?

I'm pleased to announce Dave's Buttoned-Up Tumblr, the micro-blog that is the companion to this one.

Tumblr is what's known as a microblogging platform. It's quirky, it can be fun, and it's designed for quick little snippets of posts that are still too big for Twitter. It uses some of the same things as Twitter, such as hashtags and the like (but then again, isn't Facebook starting to incorporate those too?).

Whenever I blog on here, I feel like I should do something fairly long. Not huge, mind you. But more than just a picture and a couple of sentences. Plus I don't want to inundate you with these types of longs posts. Not to mention that I found myself unable to keep up the pace I wanted.

This Tumblr blog will be even more eclectic than what you're currently reading. It will have games, it will have video games. I don't like to blog over at Game Informer unless it's something fairly meaty (or at least with some meat to it, even if it's fluffy meat). So those video game posts will go to my Tumblr blog instead.

It will have commentary on society stuff. It will have history. I follow (and re-blog) some ancient history Tumblr posts on there, so certain segments of my readers who know who they are might be interested in checking out those posts just for that.

Basically, it will have everything. Just whatever I feel like passing along.

If we're friends on Facebook, then you will get most (but not all) there by checking out my profile. Some will be sent to Twitter as well.

But as the person who does the blog and likes his stats, it would be great if you actually followed the blog itself. I even set up comments! So you can leave your thoughts there.

And we all know the urge to leave comments!


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