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July 30, 2009

Am I back in the Midwest?

Temperatures once again were over 30 degrees yesterday, third day in a row that it was super-hot here in Vancouver. I heard on the radio this morning that yesterday had the hottest temperature ever recorded in Vancouver, at 34 degrees. I know you people down south are looking at me now and saying "Only 34? That's cold compared to what we get!" (Incidentally, for those not able to think in Celsius or find a converter, that's around 90 degrees)

But keep in mind that this is the Pacific Northwest. It's supposed to be mild here. It's not supposed to be like this. I also heard that the string of 5 straight 30+ degree days is only the third or fourth since 1881, or something like that. Thankfully, it looks like it might mellow out starting tomorrow, and maybe even slightly today, though probably not. I'm thankful for that because I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping. Last night, I only got about 1.5 hours, maybe 2 (thus, please excuse any incoherence). I feel like my brain synapses are melting.

And when I hear that the average temperature in Chicago for the month of July has been something like 68 degrees F, I have to stick out my tongue at you all.

The beasties in the apartment are doing ok, though the little ones don't like the wife misting them with water. They don't know what's good for them. I know if I were them, I'd love it.


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