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August 31, 2009

Live Music - Duffy in Particular

I may be speaking to the choir here, with people saying that I'm stating the obvious, but isn't live music one of the coolest creations ever made?

It's amazing what seeing something live can do for music. I posted earlier this month about how horrible I find modern music to be, for the most part. You know what, though? If I see it performed live, I probably wouldn't hate it quite so much. One of the things I used to love to do would be to go to bars and listen to the music they had in there. Some of the live bands were actually quite good.

That's one reason HDNet is such a cool TV network.

Every Sunday, HDNet runs a series of concerts all day. These are recordings from various venues, and they can range from jazz to pop to alternative rock and even some old rock. They repeat them a couple of times, so you can always catch them if you're aware of them. One knock against them is that they seem to run through the same ones over and over, but hopefully that will change over time.

Earlier this summer, we had recorded Duffy live at the LSO St. Luke's, London. This concert was taped in 2009. I would not normally have even tried it, because she's a modern artist and I wouldn't have wasted my time. But we had heard good things about her, and it was on (we recorded it on the DVR), so we decided "why not?" That was a couple of months ago, and I just got around to watching it tonight.

You know what? She's pretty damned good. Also damned pretty, but that's beside the point. :) She's got an interesting voice, and she puts on a marvelous show, even in as small a venue as LSO St. Luke's appears to be. I especially loved this song, "Rain on Your Parade" (this isn't the LSO recording, but just a music video, but it's an awesome song).

I'm not going to go out and buy all of her CDs now or anything, but I did enjoy the concert. And I won't turn her off next time I hear she's "up next" on the radio, either.

Here's a clip from the concert, the song "Warwick Avenue".


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