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September 1, 2009

Ad Intended for WWF Invokes 9/11 in Worst Possible Way

I can't believe anybody would do this. This is so offensive, I don't even know where to begin. You can find the AdFreak article about this here.

Yes, the tsunami in 2004 took over 200,000 lives, and perhaps it should be better acknowledged in the western world.

But to try to minimize one tragedy (no, to minimize an attack) to bring more attention to another one is simply disgusting.

To its credit, the WWF (that's World Wildlife Federation for those who don't know), who this ad was created for, is suing DDB Brazil, the creator of this ad, for many different things. Whether this was intended for the WWF and just released before it could be approved (or, more likely, turned down flat) or whether it illegally makes use of the WWF logo is hard to say. They claim it makes use of their logo without authorization.

And can you believe this ad won an award? Unimaginable. No, on second thought, I can sadly imagine it rather easily.

Thanks to Andy Levy for the original tweet on this (at least the one I saw).


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