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August 26, 2009

Wednesday Night MST3K

Have you ever seen a really bad movie and started making fun of it to make it bearable? Then you've done the same thing that the guys behind Mystery Science Theater 3000 do...except that you didn't get paid for it. I'm not going to explain the whole concept behind the show (you can find that here). But I will say that the basic concept is a guy and two robots sitting in front of a really bad movie and cracking jokes about it. You see the three of them in silhouette in front of the screen, and the jokes come a mile a minute. Even if you don't like one joke, another one will be along in just a second and you'll probably laugh at that one.

Behind the jump are a couple of examples so you can see just how good this show was, when it was on in the 90s.

Most of the time, the producers chose a really bad or cheesy science fiction flick, though sometimes the movie was just a regular one. The common denominator was that the movie was horrible. Sometimes, the movies weren't long enough to fill the entire 2 hours, so they would have a short film before it. These were typically 50s-era educational films or stuff like that. I've chosen two of these shorts because they're self-contained, not to mention generally hilarious. Some of my older relatives may remember some of these.

The first one is a short film on hygiene.

I had trouble stifling my laughter so as not to make the wife wonder whether I was going insane or not.

The second one holds an even closer spot to my heart because it was produced in 1951 by my alma mater, Iowa State University, by the Home Economics department, and details how women were supposed to go to college to learn Home Ec and to find a husband.

There are two parts to this one:

Part 1

Part 2

I know they're long, but they're quite worth it. This was one of the funniest shows on television, and I really miss it.


  1. I don't remember such a show but your clips were hilarious. Where do you come up with all these things? I look forward to checking you out every day just to see what you've got. Keep up the good stuff.

  2. Thanks! :)

    Just realized that I didn't include the link to wikipedia's entry on the show. I have added it now, near the top.


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