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September 15, 2009

Jennifer Fallon and S.J. Day Book Reviews Posted

Wow, a virtual cornucopia of my reviews have been posted on Curled Up With a Good Book! Ok, only two, but considering I'm usually getting one at a time in to the editor, that is an abundance, isn't it? Good thing I finally finished the Marcus Aurelius book so I'll have another review to submit.

Anyway, the first review is for Jennifer Fallon's The Gods of Amyrantha, the second in the "Tide Lords" series. Fallon is one of my favourite authors, neck-and-neck with Kage Baker, and she doesn't disappoint with this one either. Excellent characters, writing, and plotting make for a fantasy feast that you won't be able to put down.

The next book is S.J. Day's Eve of Destruction, the second book in the "Marked" series. This is a series that takes biblical characters and brings them forward to the modern day. Human sinners are given the "Mark" and become Heaven's bounty hunters against the numerous demons that haunt the world. Evangeline Hollis (known as Eve) is not only a new Mark, but is also involved in a hot love triangle with Cain & Abel (yes, that Cain & Abel). Cain is her mentor and lover, but Abel is her "handler" (essentially, the guy who gives her the bounty-hunting assignments) and also has the hots for her. This is an excellent series, and while the sex is still in this book, it's not as in your face as in the first book.

No word on whether either brother feels any weirdness from the fact that she has their mother's name. Then again, their mother is mentioned in this book, so maybe she'll appear in the third one?

Both are definitely worth a read. And I must say the reviews are outstanding too. That's some quality writing there (oh, the authors are good too). You can't go wrong....

*A huge hook appears from the side and pulls Dave off-stage before he can talk himself up anymore*


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