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September 16, 2009

Just getting started on Twitter?

If so, then Twittercism is a great blog, especially today's post,"Have Friends That Are New To Twitter? Five Tips To Help Them Hit The Ground Running"

I've posted some posts trying to encourage my friends to at least give Twitter a try (here, here, and here), but Shea Bennett really gives you a good idea of how things work on Twitter and some good tips on how to begin and make your Twitter experience much more of a success.

If you are a current twitter user, I encourage you to explore Shea's blog and get some good tips for maximizing the experience. I know he's been a great resource for me (and also a wonderfully nice guy when I've badgered him with a couple of questions on Facebook).

Also, of course, don't forget to follow me! On the left side of this blog is a section with my last five tweets, and a "follow me on twitter" link. And follow Shea on Twitter here.


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