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January 13, 2010

Could Jessica Simpson be involved in my slow blogging?

It's funny how I resolved to do even more blogging in the new year, and yet January has so far been my slowest month yet since starting this in July.  There have been some reasons why this is, of course, and I do plan on increasing the pace to at least a post a day.  I don't promise one every day, but I want my monthly pace to be that.

Those reason vary, but all have combined to make it so that too often those who check back every day (or even twice or three times a day) don't see anything new.  These reasons break down as follows:

1) I've been sick

As documented on January 9, I've been fighting something off for the past few days.  It's never reached the point that I had to call in sick (though I did go home early yesterday, and I really felt better after taking a nap).  But it has been annoying and taken a lot of energy to fight off.  Last weekend wasn't fun, and weekends are my most common days for multiple entries.  Even before I was sick, I may have been fighting it off before, as I just haven't had a lot of energy.  Which leads into...

2) Lack of ideas

When I'm feeling lethargic, one of the things that goes away for me is my writing ability (Peanut Gallery: "So you're lethargic all the time?").  I just stop and try and think of something to write about, whether it's doing a book review (one book finished in December I still haven't reviewed) or a blog post, and the ideas just don't come.  That's why I haven't contributed anything Canuck-related to since my vacation either.  I know once I get started, I'll start going gung-ho again, but for now, it's kind of a chore.

3) Busy at work

It's been a busy start to the year, with the term starting the day I got back.  While it was a relatively easy start-up, it still drained some of my brainpower, so that when I had the opportunity to blog, I didn't really feel like it.  When this part actually passed, that's when my illness hit.

4) I'm now dating Jessica Simpson

Yes, dear Jessica has broken up with Billy Corgan and is now dating me.  It's been a lot of work keeping this from all the paparazzi, not to mention my wife!  (so do me a favour and don't tell her, ok?)  The brain power involved in getting all of this organized has just taxed me too much to even think about blogging.  Not to mention the fact that every time I start a blog, the first sentence is "I'm dating Jessica Simpson!" and I have to hurriedly delete it.

5) I'm currently working on a proposal that will end world poverty

I've spent hours and hours (when I wasn't out with Jessica or at work) pondering this age-old question, and I thought I had solved it!  I was all ready to blog about it.  It would have been called "How to end world poverty?  Make more money."  But then some joker had to go and show me how that wouldn't work, and would probably make things worse, and it's back to the drawing board.  All those hours of work wasted!!!

Of course, it *was* Jessica's idea....

So you can see why posting has been a bit scarce here.  I do plan on doing better, and should have more time coming up (Jessica's already said she's getting tired of me, and that I'm not famous enough *sniff*).  I have more one-hit wonders posts to do, a review of Uncharted 2 (a truly wonderful game) along with much other stuff.

So stay tuned, and if you don't want to keep coming back to see if I've posted anything, you can always subscribe and be notified when I've posted something new!  I feel bad, like I'm disappointing my limited fan base when that happens.


  1. I sympathise... I am currently dating Brad Pitt and Rupert Graves at the same time, and am working on developing a cheap and abundant source of energy for the entire globe.

    If only there were twenty-four and a half hours in the day, I'd be able to fit everything in.

  2. Wow, your time is more strapped than mine! How do you find the time to keep your blog going?

    Can I take pointers?

    Wanna go out? :)

  3. I think I can squeeze in a third, though I've had offers from Robert Downey, Jr., but I'm sure he wouldn't mind being a stand-by.

    How do I keep my blog going? I have three clones. I grew one in a petri dish using a home science kit.

    Is Monday next week any good for you?

  4. Monday works perfectly!

    And I'll have to keep your clone idea in mind.

  5. I hope you feel better Dave. Since I'm new to reading your stuff (through Authentic Blogger) I didn't know how much you blogged. I wish you a speedy recovery & more energy then you could possibly need for the coming months.

    Thanks for sharing,


    PS I'm working on world peace it's all consuming but very fulfilling! =D

  6. I hope you're having more success than I am. :)

    And thank you very much for the warm wishes.


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