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January 9, 2010

Yay! Sick again!

The wife's been sick since before New Year's, but I had pretty much avoided it.  I was feeling fine.  Now, just as she's on the mend, I seem to be coming down with it.  I would have thought that, if I was going to get it from her, I would have already gotten it, wouldn't I?  Maybe it was Tuesday night when I went to the Canucks game by myself?  I don't know.

Thankfully, so far I may be fighting it off.  I'm taking cold pills, drinking orange juice, and I don't feel too bad.  A little stuffed, my nose is running a bit, but I'm not as bad as I was in October (of course, that was *really* bad).  If I take it easy this weekend and keep popping pills and drinking juice, I might conquer it before it can take a hold of me.

Wish me luck.


  1. I.m sorry you are feeling bad. At least been home long enough you can't say you got it here. Take it easy over the weekend & get better by Mon. As long as I'm writing you I'll tell you I mailed that package. It only cosy 2.79. Take care of yourselves.


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