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February 26, 2010

Status THIS - Comic Commentary on Social Media

When you think about it, the many uses we put social media to can produce a lot of absurdities.  The blog "Your Status is Annoying" makes fun of silly and strange Facebook statuses that people put up for the world to see.  There are the stories about people who are trying to get disability for bad injuries being caught out because they posted their vacation pictures to MySpace.  Or robbers who stop in the middle of their burglary to update their Facebook status.

Thanks to the great social media blog called Mashable, I discovered a new site that has a great comic take the absurdities of the social media universe.  Created by Andrew Jones, the new web-comic Status THIS has comics and articles about what's going on in this wild and wacky universe that we call social media.

Andrew's first comic is above.

Morons like this will become far more prevalent as location-based social media platforms become more popular.  Soon, you're going to need a Hootsuite for those types (like Foursquare), so you can check into them all with one click!  I'm sure somebody's already thought of that and is working right now to make it happen (if it hasn't already).

I'm very pleased to have gotten in almost on the ground floor with this web-comic.  And now you can too.  It's only been around since January 26.  Hurry and you won't have much to catch up on!


  1. Lol this is great! I'm still weirded out by those ones where you check it, but I guess it's a stalker's dream come true right? lol

  2. Most of the ones where you "check in", you can make it so only your friends see it. Like on Foursquare. People can see if you're the mayor of some place, or if you leave a tip, but most of the time you're long gone by that time.

    But I do understand that concern.


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