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March 8, 2010

Our car!

As promised, here's the picture of our car. It does look a lot like the one that I grabbed off the Net yesterday, doesn't it?

It's so purty......

Spent some time last night playing with everything, getting our electronics set up (so I can play my podcasts from my iPhone on the audio system and stuff like that) as well as learning where everything is.  After 10 years of getting gas on the driver's side, I have to remember that the gas tank is on the passenger side in this one.  How many times do you think I'll drive up the wrong way?


  1. 35 times you will drive up to the wrong side. My car switched too, and OH! That's awful!

    It sure is purty. :)

  2. Oh at least a million times.

    Love the car though. It's purdy.

  3. LOL the more I talk about it, the less often I'll do it, probably.

    So the wife's going to be getting a lot of "hey, did you know the gas is on the passenger side in this one?" comments. :)

    And yes, it certainly is purty and purdy too!

  4. It looks really pretty. To bad we won't get to see it for a long time. Don't know when you will be driving it down here. Your next 2 trips you're flying. Guess we'll have to admire it from afar.


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