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March 31, 2010

The TV Knew I Was Coming Home

Sounds like a horror movie plot, doesn't it?  (Ok, maybe a direct to DVD plot, "the TV is coming from WITHIN THE HOUSE!")

I think our TV must have a little bit of sentience.

I mentioned my trip home from my vacation to the Folks in Iowa the other day.  It seems I stopped too soon in relating my story.

Yes, our TV took one look at me on Sunday night and decided to commit suicide.  Not with an explosion, but with a "Pop!"

Ok, it probably didn't (though the wife tweeted that very thing Sunday night).  But it certainly seemed like it didn't want me back.  I got unpacked, the wife and I lay down on the bed and just caught up on what had happened while I was gone, and then we came out to the living room.  We finished watching a hockey game and then started watching one of the many shows we had on DVR.  Twenty minutes in, we heard a little "pop" sound (like when the TV is turned on) and it went all dark and fuzzy.  The sound was fine, and we could see movement in the background (think of a darkened version of the way scrambled channels used to be, where if you weren't subscribed to them, you'd just see a bunch of wavy lines and weird images), but there basically was no picture.  We couldn't even watch a DVD or play a video game.

The TV was bought back in 2006 and we had bought a 4-year warranty.  Guess what?  It hadn't expired yet!  I think it expires in June or August.  Anyway, we called Future Shop and they said that the TV repair shop that they alerted to the problem would be calling me within 2 business days.  I got a call on Monday and they said they would come this morning between 9:30 and 10:30 (a minor version of the Cable company).  Since the wife is on vacation and I had to work (I'm swamped at work and just got back, so I couldn't take the day off), she got to deal with the guy this morning.

This is where we discovered that "home service" is actually "home pick-up."  The guy showed up with no tools, wrote a few things down, and took the TV with him.  Nobody told us that this would be happening, though obviously it was a possibility if the problem was too big for one guy or if he didn't have the right part.  But we weren't told that it would be automatic.  Even worse, it could be a few days or a couple of weeks just to find out what the problem is!

Thankfully, Future Shop will pay for the repair, or pay for a new TV if the repair will cost too much.  However, it's already feeling like a LONG time without a TV, and it's only been three nights!  Who knows how long this will be?

I'm trying to look on the bright side, that it will be a good thing.  We're listening to the radio (actually the radio through our iPhone, as we have a speaker system that our iPhone can plug into) and we're getting a lot of jazz.  Maybe eventually some blues too.  Tonight, we're listening to the hockey game.  We have a TV in the bedroom, but it's not that comfortable to spend the entire evening in there.

So we're kind of roughing it right now.

Hopefully this won't last too much longer.  But we'll have to see.  I miss our DVR shows!

Personally, I just think that our TV doesn't like me.

(written Tuesday night, posted Wednesday morning)


  1. Hope it gets fixed quickly!!!!

  2. Hi David, Since my gorgeous neighbor,Ray, is a TV repairman, I could have warned you about this. There's never really anything they can do IN your home. It's a diagnostic problem and will most likely require parts to be ordered unless they have a large stock in store. It could be a while. Hang in there.

  3. Thanks, Sara!

    Your "gorgeous neighbor," eh Deb? :)

    I guess we were spoiled by our last TV. When it winked out, the guy (from a different company) just came, pulled a board from the base of the console (it was a roller console), soldered something, put it back and voila! It worked!

    That guy was very talkative too. LOL

  4. Okay seriously the title for some odd reason had scenes of Poltergeist flash before my thanks a lot for that one lol. That movie scared the crap out of me when I watched it as a kid! Anyways, I hope you get your TV back soon. I don't know what I would do without mine!

  5. if i weren't deaf and had to listen to what you play on it, i'd commit suicide too.

    it may come to that, tho, since without the teevee we have to talk to each other and dunno what's going to happen after the four day long weekend.
    - the wife ;) ;)

  6. I sometimes think that my TV also alive and try to tell me something.. its been makin a weird "TOCK" sound everytime i turn it off for more then 1 hour..

    hope u get it fx or get a new tv.. and the new one wont act like he old ones..


  7. Sorry Dave, It's hard to go without a TV when we're so use to it. I went through this a while ago & felt the same way "I had no idea they would just show up & take the TV". You feel disappointed because you expect it to be like any other repair but alas off it goes to the shop.

    Hope it all works out for you.



  8. Wow, lots of TV comments! Will have to post more about it later. :)

    Anahid: You got what I was going for! Not necessarily Poltergeist, but something like that.

    Wife: Yeah, just talking amongst ourselves all weekend might be tough. :)

    Renee: Thanks for the support! Yeah, TVs can be truly scary sometimes.

    Bill: Thankfully I wasn't there when it disappeared, as I would have probably cried. LOL

    Thanks, all!


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