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April 2, 2010

We're done! And still alive.

After feeling like chickening out a couple of times, we finally have our living room rearranging done.  Only took about 5 hours or so, which isn't bad all things considered. We have a LOT of stuff packed into this room, so much so that we had to basically take something out to be able to start shifting things one after the other. Kind of like those little puzzle games where there's a bunch of squares with a messed up picture and you have to slide individual squares around until you complete the picture. There's always one open space so you can start moving the squares.

That was our living room.

It's so nice to be done with it. And I have to say that it looks pretty good. Sure, there's a pile of stuff of to the side that needs to be sorted through, but that can all wait for now.  We can sit down, eat dinner (we treated ourselves and went off diet for one day, but we'll be back to normal tomorrow) and watch/listen to the hockey game.  We actually listened to the first two periods while we ate out in the living room, then went into the bedroom to watch the third period.  Good thing, as that was the exciting period!

Anyway, we're back out now listening to some "crazy jazz" and on our respective computers. Normally I'd be playing one of my video games by now, but as you know, our TV's not coming back until next week.  Still, this is good.  I'm definitely heading to bed earlier than usual for a Friday, though. I'm beat.

Tomorrow will be back to normal.  Lunch with the Mom-in-Law and then who knows what we'll actually do tomorrow night. Maybe *GASP* talk to each other?


Oh, and I'll be back to normal on the blogging front too.  There's just been too much turmoil this week to do any frivolous and fun posts. It's the weekend, so you know what time it is, right? That's right...

Next installment of One-Hit Wonders!!!

And there was much rejoicing.....


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