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May 26, 2010

Light-hearted Blogging Tips

Thinking of taking up blogging?

I know I've posted a few articles about that sort of thing on here, though I have to reiterate that I am no kind of expert.

I've been a subscriber to Game Informer magazine for a while now, and the magazine recently revamped their web site to turn it into a community. Users can not only interact on forums, but they can also post their own blogs there as well. Last weekend, I decided to join that community (one personal response to my "online communities" article) and have copied my last couple of video game posts there as well.

"Saint" is a long-time member of that community, and I stumbled up on his Blogging for Dummies post that really made me laugh, as well as sit up and take notice (and believe me, doing both at once was kind of painful). I found it interesting enough that I decided to link to it here.

While this is a video game site, not all blogs are about games, and this particular post has both game and non-game items. In fact, most of the items are non-gaming. For example:

"Bloggers are volunteers and work for free (when they could be playing games). Remember that when you critique their work."

I think Murph in Edmonton needs to pay attention to that one.

Or there's this one:

"If you don’t have anything nice to say, find a nice way to say it."

That's true in life, not just for blogging. Of course, there can be exceptions to it, but not usually.

Finally, there's:

"If you read a blog and think it's spectacular, tell the person. It will mean a lot to them and if they go on to become a famous author they might remember you."

Keep that in mind, you readers! I'm watching...and remembering.

Seriously, though, go check it out. It's a great post and with some universal truths.

I'll even link to it again here so you don't have to scroll up again.


  1. Have I ever mentioned what a spectacular blogger you are? :)

  2. Why no, no you haven't...

    *checks off the box*

    But you have now. :P


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