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May 25, 2010

Video Game guide for the non-gamer

Looking back over the last couple of weeks on the blog, I see that I'm on a video game kick. Don't know how that happened (ok, I can guess).

However, this is not one of those posts! Instead, this is a notification that I have a guest post over at the wonderful Musings from the Over-Caffeinated Mom blog that I recommended a couple of weeks back.

It's entitled "Video Game Guide for the Non-Gamer", and it's just a short little piece helping those parents who may have grown up with video games but who haven't touched one in a while. And now their kid wants an Xbox. What do you do if that happens? Read the guide.

And when I say "short," I mean humongous! (Those do mean the same thing, right?) I think it's at least triple the size of her normal posts. So sorry to use up so much of your real estate, Cheryl.

Thank you so much for the forum.

Don't worry. I didn't go as outlandish as I did with the Pet Shop Boys guest post, but there is a little bit of humour in there. And Cheryl had some very kind words to say about me as well.

So head on over and take a look! And check out the rest of her blog as well. You'll enjoy it.


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