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May 13, 2010

Potpourri (Part 3) - Video Games & Other Stuff

Subjects: Talk Radar, Podcasts, Assassin's Creed 2, Video Games, New blog

Thoughts too short to be blog posts.

1) I really wish I could do a podcast and have as much fun as those guys on Talk Radar do. This is almost the definitive video game podcast from some of the contributors to Games Radar, vulgar as hell but hilarious as well. I'm currently listening to their 6-hour (!) Episode 100 extravaganza, and it's some of the funniest shit I've heard in some time. Of course, it helps if you like video games. If you don't, then stay far away, as this podcast revels in its video game geekiness.

We're currently trying to set up a podcast at work, but there's no way we can be anything like Talk Radar. Very crude, in your face, lots of foul language. Yeah, that wouldn't go over well in a university podcast, unless that podcast was done by students or something.

So I think that means they should use me as a guest some time so that I can let loose with the best of them. I do imagine myself doing that sometimes, almost to the point where I think about doing a podcast of my own (i.e. not for work) where I don't have to watch (too much) what I say. But who am I kidding.

Who would listen?

2) Which brings me to the work podcast. We've done the proposal to our immediate boss and we're just finalizing the formal proposal to Associate Dean with all of the details. It's looking promising, so of course I'm getting nervous again. How are we going to keep this interesting, relevant to our programs, *and* entertaining? Why would somebody subscribe to it?

Still, mixed in with that nervousness is excitement that it might actually happen. Stay tuned.

3) One thing I left out of my Assassin's Creed 2 review that I just wanted to say.

You know those glyphs I mention? The 20 glyphs that, when you find them and solve their puzzles, will give you a video memory from your predecessor? Yeah, those glyphs. Many of them are fucking impossible to solve. After tearing my hair out to the point where I was going to go bald, I just used the Games Radar Glyph Guide for them if I couldn't solve them fairly quickly. It saved me lots of headaches.

Yes, I'm a wuss. Get over it.

4) Just was looking at my Xbox Live Gamercard on (look, it's over there on the right of this blog!) and see that I've got 52 games on there. If you click on that link (or on the card itself over there in the column...c'mon, you know you want to), you can see every game I've played on Xbox Live in the last 3 years.

Everything from Borderlands all the way to Condemned back in 2007.

Do I have a life?

Don't answer that.

5) Blog recommendation

I've been getting a lot of spammers on my Blog Catalog list, people who leave me nice, flowery comments that are clearly just doing so to get me to follow them. Most of the time their blogs aren't even something I would be close to being interested in.

However, one blogger I found (I think I found her, but she may have found me) that has a great blog is the creator of "Musings From the Over-Caffeinated Mom." She's on a 365-day odyssey to do a post a day, with a daily theme (Weird & Wacky Wednesday, Tech Tuesday, and my favourite, Moron Monday). She's a great blogger, has decent taste in TV shows (i.e. I actually watch some of the stuff she does) and makes for an all around interesting read. It's always fun.

Check her out!

Well, I mean check her blog out...

Um, yeah, anyway.

So that's today's Potpourri! Hope you enjoy, and that it doesn't stink up the place. It really does work as air freshener but sometimes it's just too damned strong.


  1. Well I am shocked and honored ( and still laughing at the fact you tried to lick your own elbow ).I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I'm constantly pointing out stuff from yours to the hubby, he's the gamer in the family. I'm more of an online MMO myself, not a big console player. As for the blog catalog spammers I just laugh now. I've left a permanent note to them in the side bar at the-ocm but they keep coming back. Their like dirty laundry, annoying tedious and just when you think you've seen the end there is a pile right behind you! Again, thanks for the kind words Dave. I am absolutely humbled!

    The Over Caffeinated Mom

  2. I did *not* try and lick my own elbow. :P

    I was just expecting that because it's at the end of all of those "fun fact" emails and when I saw you didn't say it, I was actually impressed. So I thought I would tease you instead. :)

    But the words are well-deserved. I may miss an entry occasionally, but I'm a religious follower.

    And I hope your hubby enjoys the video game stuff!

  3. I'd listen to your podcast if the price is right! lol jk. How about a Vlog? You can do your book, video game, & TV show reviews in that form.

    Just checked out that blog, pretty funny. I was trying to listen to the songs for the One-Hit Wonders post but the Internet at this hotel is too slow, so I'll have to wait until Monday when I get back.

  4. Forget listening to my about doing one with me? :P

    A Vlog? You mean somebody would actually *see* me? *runs screaming*

    Intriguing idea. I'll have to think about it.

    I look forward to seeing your song reactions (and your zombie reactions!) when you get home.


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