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October 15, 2011

Catching Up

Looking back at the last couple of weeks.

Lately I've become a weekend blogger, and I'm not sure I'm happy with that. The week just seems so filled with other stuff going on, with no topics jumping to mind and not wanting to really sit down and think of anything to begin with. There were three hockey games this week (all on the road, so only on TV) and when that wasn't on, I was playing games or just reading. Stress-filled days at work that will hopefully end after next week have resulted in me not wanting to think too much when I haven't had to.

The weekend is my writing time, though, and I like to get at least something written each day. Whether it's a blog post here, a blog post over at Game Informer, or a book review, I want to produce something. In fact, I've been trying to make sure I get two or three things done. For example, I'm behind on book reviews, though I am caught up with books that I've just finished (or books that I want/have to review, anyway). I wrote a review today of a book that has been sitting here for much too long, and I have three other books that are the same way. I finished them when I was in my writing funk a few months ago and never got to the reviews. I feel bad, though, because they were books from Curled Up that I promised to review. I have vowed that I will get these reviews done, even if it takes one review a weekend.

Better late than never.

I'm also in my periodic "Klout" panic. Ok, that's a bit of hyperbole, because I'm not panicked about it. But again, as I said in the post I just linked to, it's an indication that I'm not doing what I enjoy doing, which is interacting with all of you people out there. (Incidentally, those of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I changed my username to "whovian223" to match my Gmail address. Don't look for me as "histerin" any more if you are looking me up).

So I'm trying to do that this weekend as well. Lots of "Occupy Wall Street" tweets to make or re-tweet! Not to mention "Occupy Vancouver," which is going on today (What, only one day? Are you lazy or something?)

I'm also reading a lot, which is a really nice outlet. I have so many books from Curled Up that I want to get through some of them and get them reviewed. For that reason, I'm reading the "easy" ones first, the paperback novels that are quick reads. I'm saving the History books for last, because they usually slow me down drastically. I have one book that's sitting on my desk at work staring at me and intimidating me: Richard Miles' Carthage Must be Destroyed, a 544 page monstrosity that will probably take me a month, at the rate I've been reading.

Speaking of books and reviewing, I completely forgot to blog and mention that The Gatekeeper's Post did an interview with me about my Amazon reviews! It's not very long, but you'll get a bit of an insight into my book attitudes. I enjoyed doing it.

I am going to try and post here more often, though I don't know if I would expect that to change this coming week. For those of you who are following me, my apologies for that. You will be rewarded soon.

(Note: Dawn, since I know you'll eventually be reading this, I thought I would tell you that everybody on social media actually has a Klout score of some kind, even if they never join up. It's just that you can't do anything with it or about it without signing up. You've dipped below me a couple of times, but are just above me most of the time)


  1. I've been experiencing a protracted absence from my own blog writing in the last two months. Some of it was from inertia, some was from family crisis issues, and some was me getting hit with a pretty serious illness recently. Regardless of the reasons, I don't like letting the dry spell drag out this long either. My numbers on my StatCounter weekly reports have become pretty dismal, enough so that even I was unhappy and I don't normally worry about that type of thing! I forget to check Klout until you or other friends bring it up, so I don't have a clue what my current score is. Okay, just checked and it's at 54; no idea if that's good or not! I did have to laugh at your note to me here, because you knew I'd eventually visit and reply, so here I go, doing that very thing.

    I would like to get back to a better, more efficient level of writing at Healing Morning again. And the only way to do that is to DO it and stop procrastinating. The challenge there is that I kind of enjoy procrastinating! And there's a blog post in the making....

    - Dawnie

  2. LOL I wasn't expecting you so soon! :) Yeah, a 54 score isn't bad. Not "mover and shaker" level, but it does mean you're involved. I've been slowly increasing to my current 52-53 level.

    Sorry to hear about your illness! I hope you get feeling better soon.

    And you've got enough of a following that I'm sure traffic will pick up again. Of course, it spikes with new content, as subscribers who don't visit again once they've read your post.

    Procrastinating is fun, but it is evil too. I know I face it all the time.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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