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October 22, 2011

Podcast stuff - Episode 21 of Down the Hall (Radio EPLT)

Creativity is very important in our lives, but for some reason, this isn't emphasized very often in formal education. In fact, the ability to "play" and just imagine seems to get run over by the need for facts and figures.

In this week's episode, Jenny's back and we discuss creativity, how to foster it, how it can improve both the workplace and our general lives. We also give you a little behind the scenes lowdown on the podcast itself. I think it was a great discussion, and I know I enjoyed doing it. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

The interview segment is a soon-to-be graduate of EPLT's Teaching Games for Understanding MED cohort, which is for Physical Education teachers. He tells me about the cohort, the method, and how it's helped him in his teaching practices.

All this, and some general laughter as well. This week was really fun to do.

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